Are Antibiotics Safe? When To Take Antibiotics And When Not? What Should Be Done After Taking Them?

Antibiotics can be a lifesaver but, they are not the complete cure of any infection. They treat bacterial infections like salmonella, TB, etc. But, they are not effective against viruses and fungi. Viruses are the causative organisms of infections like sore throat, common cold, et al.

Viruses are microscopic organisms that have nucleic acid core contained in a protein sheath. The infection caused by them like cough, runny nose, head cold, sore throat, fever, etc last for 7 to 14 days. They can be treated using cold formulas, decongestants, cough syrups but, not antibiotics.

Bacteria are single cell microorganisms that do not have a distinct nuclei or an organized cell structure. They are classified as good or bad bacteria. The good bacteria cause no illness while, the bad bacteria can lead to serious illness like meningitis, dysentery, pneumonia, blood poisoning, et al. They can be treated with antibiotics. With overuse of antibiotics, bacteria become resistant.

More about Antibiotics

Penicillin was the first antibiotic which is still used in treatment of many infections. Our immune system helps in fighting infections. But, in case of compromised immunity, antibiotics come to rescue of the sufferer.

Some antibiotics are “bactericidal” (kill bacteria) while, some are “bacteriostatic” (ban bacterial multiplication.

Antibiotics could not differentiate against good and bad bacteria and destroy all the bacteria especially in gut. This can lead to serious consequences. The good bacteria like lactobacillus acidophilus, Bulgaricus and Bifidus keep pathogens at bay like yeast, cholera, Salmonella and E.coli. In bad health, they are then replaced by Clostridium, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas and Candida yeast.

Side - Effects

The side- effect includes diarrhoea, feel sick, oral fungal infections, vaginal infection, digestive tract infection. The serious but, rare side- effects include abnormal blood clotting, kidney stones, hypersensitivity to sun, deafness and blood disorders.

In older people, antibiotics can lead to inflamed bowel. People who are allergic to antibiotics can present with facial swelling, difficulty breathing and rashes.

How to Take Antibiotics

Antibiotics are taken orally, by injection or as topical application. They start to work within few hours. It is essential to take complete course to prevent recurrence.

Some antibiotics are contraindicated with certain drinks and food. Some antibiotics are taken empty stomach. Do not take alcohol if you take metronidazole. Tetracyclines are contraindicated with dairy products. There are several important drug interactions with antibiotics.


How to Restore Good Bacteria?

  • Do not take artificial sweeteners or sugar. Instead use Lo- Han or Stevia.
  • Stay away from cheese and mushroom. Avoid yeasty food such as beer, rolls, bread, etc.
  • Avoid grains. Take gluten free whole grains like millet, corn or Quinoa after 2 weeks.
  • Say no to salad dressings, soy, vinegar and horseradish.
  • Do not take fruits as well as fruit juices (you can take tart apples).
  • Take raw almond butter.
  • Drink organic green veggie juices.
  • Opt for anti- fungal teas like chamomile, alfalfa, angelica root, etc.
  • Opt for olive oil.
  • Eat unsweetened yogurt.
  • Take garlic.

Why Should Antibiotics be avoided in Sinus Infection?

Sinus infections are a quite widespread event for majority of people. The chief cause of this kind of condition can be allergies and sinusitis can happen anytime during the year. When a person suffers from sinus, they instantly think that they need to rush and take antibiotics to get over it. Intake of medicines is not always the ideal thing to do to treat the condition.

Physical Therapy Works As An Antibiotic

Most people usually refrain from physical therapy until their doctor forcefully suggest it and even after starting the physical therapy most people tend to stop doing it after sometime thinking they are fit now.

Garlic a Natural Antibiotic?

Garlic not only does taste good it is also a potent healer. It has been used for healing purposes for decades. Garlic has 80 sulphur compounds. Also organic sulphur is known for its healing properties and fighting infections.

Narrow Target Antibiotics Are Better For Kids With Respiratory Infections

The doctors must adopt a selective approach while prescribing antibiotics for kids who suffer from common respiratory infections. A research was carried out by the researchers on 30,000 patients. They studied the treatment practices in patients with strep throat, earaches and other infections. The researchers found out that the narrow-spectrum antibiotics had fewer side-effects as compared to the broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Antibiotics may make you Free of Living Organisms - Living Organisms are needed to stay healthy!

Candida is an instance of plain yeast which lives in the bodies of everyone. It is a microbiological term and is found in our mucus membranes only if the functioning of the immune system is proper, the Candida does not cause any harm. Candida albicans is a fungus similar to yeast and causes candiasis.

Antibiotic Therapy for Dental Use

The gum diseases are always caused by the bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity. The gum diseases are basically infection around the teeth or a tooth. Sometimes, they present with no symptoms. Many people get to know that they have a gingival (gum) disease when they undergo teeth cleaning or periodontal charting.

Does Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain?

Before concluding that antibiotics have an effect on the weight of an individual, it should be noted that it does not only focus on personal use of antibiotics, but also incorporates the antibiotics which are given to the livestock. Even antibiotic drugs given to the livestock has a lot to contribute in weight gain as they are a part of the food chain.

Common Types of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are group of drugs that are used for treating conditions such as infections that result from germicides (parasites and bacteria). Parasite is a type of germ that requires a host (another living being) to survive. Antibiotics are also referred as antimicrobials and antibacterials in many cases. They are found in many different forms such as injection, capsules, tablets, and liquids.

How Does Antibiotic Resistance Occur?

Many people have reported that they have experienced resistance towards antibiotics. The main reason behind this is the misuse or overuse of these types of medication in a regular basis. Resistance occurs because certain microorganisms learn to grow defences against these antibiotic drugs. It only develops in people who have been using antibiotics earlier.

Bacterial Antibiotics

Antibiotics are popular medications used commonly for the treatment of several forms of infections triggered by bacteria. Some of the common infections that can be treated include urinary tract infections, ear infections, skin infections, strep throat, and so on. Bacterial antibiotics very widely used and therefore are considered to be an important class of medications.

Antibiotics in Vegetables

If a person is allergic to certain antibiotics, he must be careful while eating vegetables. There is a great connection between antibiotics and vegetables. Recent studies have given some of the most astonishing results. According to a recent study, there are many vegetables that absorb antibiotic chemicals. They absorb the chemicals from the soil in which they grow. The link that supports this theory is animal manure.

Combination of Alcohol and Antibiotics: Is it Safe?

Using Alcohol and antibiotics together can prove to be a deadly mix. It has been recommended by the doctors to avert the use of alcohol along with drugs. Not only the drug-alcohol interaction results in unsafe after effects but alcohol can also interrupt with the medication’s potential to its operation. Here, the safety of combining antibiotics and alcohol has been discussed here.

Best Antibiotics and Alternatives For Lyme Diseases

Lyme disease is also known as “The Great Imitator”. This name can be attributed to the face that it presents with varied symptoms. This disease presents with various symptoms for over years that make is quite a difficult task to rule out the final diagnosis. This is not the only complication that arises with Lyme’s disease. Even if you succeed in ruling out the diagnosis after years of watching the symptoms, the standard treatment used for this condition might not work effectively.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Bacterial vaginosis, also known as BV, is an infection that happens in the vagina. It happens when the amount of certain bacteria change in the vagina. It occurs when the number of harmful bacteria outnumbers the number of good bacteria in vagina.

Why You Should Run Away From Tattoos

Now I know you are probably wondering what this headline means. Many of the youths in the world right now have tattoos. Tattoos are very important to the people who have them. Tattoos express individuality. One can simply tell the king of person you are by simply looking at your tattoo or your tattoos if you have multiple ones.

Garlic for Acne Scars

How healthy and fitness substances are beneficial to our bodies cannot be told just by the look. There are some types of ingredients that smell incredibly disgusting yet can do wonders in adding flavor to your food. A plant that easily comes to mind is the famous garlic. However, the usefulness of this plant does not just end at that. It has even more useful and highly effective uses in treating skin infections, particularly acne. It does this by working both internally and externally as a topical treatment and an ingestible remedy.

Quick Detection of Ebola Virus

According to the recent studies, a quick detection of the Ebola virus within minutes through some test may help to treat earlier and helpful for flare-up for the health worker. Researcher found a method of test to detect very quickly Ebola virus unlike the previous traditional method in which days were required for the same purpose and this method revolutionized the Ebola treatment method, the researcher said.

Bacteria Produced Due To Contact Lens

Now world has become very colorful than the previous era. Everyone in this world wants to look as a unique personality and for this purpose they use many of the wearing items of different style. Now a day, lenses have also become very glamorous item for new generation and people want to change their eye’s color with the help of the contact lens.

Microbes, Reduces Weight

It can be that among many of the microbes present in the guts any of the microbes will be responsible to change the body process and loss of the weight, study found. Akkermansia muciniphila microbe found 3 to 5 percent inside the guts and fiber diet has a connection with its strain. It has also association with less amount o insulin, blood sugar and fats which is responsible to reduce the heart problem, obesity and diabetes.

Ebola, Virus Found in Eye

Eye has a very precious value in our body. Without eye, all body parts can’t perform duty properly. But in this study, virus has removed from the blood but due to some unknown reasons Ebola virus was found in patient’s eye. Many issues on this topic have submitted about ebola virus but still reason was unknown.

Symptoms Checker Does Not Identify Correctly

This research is based on the problems which are diagnosed through some symptoms and suggestion of the medicines. Many of the patients go online or ask from application by telling them the symptoms and that application suggest them some sort of the treatment. It is noted that these attempts become incorrect half of the time. A survey determined that about one third of these online websites correctly identified and diagnosed the patient problem.

It’s Hard To Know If a Person Has Pneumonic Plague Or Not

Doctors need to keep an eye on those cases which are concerned with plague, according to a report published from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In summer 2014, almost four people died of pneumonic plague in the U.S. Pneumonic plague is a rare disease caused by the same bacteria as bubonic plague. In this health problem, bacteria destroy the respiratory system so it should be dealt earlier when diagnosed.

Treating Ebola After Three Days of Infection

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and Tekmira Pharmaceutical Corp researchers got success in developing a post-exposure treatment against specific Ebola virus that is the reason behind the death of thousands of people in West Africa.

Keeping Teeth Healthy

Keeping your teeth healthy into old age is your choice. Many conditions that cause tooth loss most likely are controllable. One important thing you should take as an obligation is brushing teeth on daily basis. This will keep them strong all the time.

Severe Baby Acne

Health and fitness of babies is a global concern in effort to preserve future generation. Bad skin condition is not a new case either. Pediatricians explain that acne in babies is a normal condition up to a certain level.

Health and Fitness Stories

In matters of health and fitness, the number one silent killer is inactivity. The body of any person has to be subjected to physical situations all the time. Good healthy living therefore begins with doing your daily chores in a manual way rather than the simplified way.

Wondering How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus? Look Here!

Everyone knows how weird and ugly it is, but not everyone has a lucky break to have a good weapon against toe nail fungus close at hand. Some people simply do not think big of it, because it is not painful. However, the further it goes, the harder it is to catch...

Aminoglycoside Antibiotics and Cephalosporins

The nephrotoxic effects of gentamicin and tobramycin can be increased by the concurrent use of cephalothin. This may possibly be true for other aminoglycosides.

Understanding Primary And Secondary Components Of Health

These components are also known as health related fitness. They are components that can be affected if an individual does not invoke a health and fitness plan. The components include:

Different Types Of Exercise You Have Been Ignoring

Once in a while, there comes illness which affects ones overall health and fitness completely. Health to be defined would be an understatement! Rather, it is living up to a physically fit and healthy lifestyle. Reading from fitness columns in magazines or whichever prints does not mean that one is a fitness fanatic. Actually they are a few. Fitness is a tough undertaking unless one is aware of how they can benefit from it without any hustle. Following are fitness undertaking which are familiar yet individuals lacks understanding of how beneficial they are.

Top Health And Fitness Books

Health is defined as the whole physical, mental and social security and not any presence of disease or ill-health. When you are talking about health and fitness, there is no need to question which options to start with and which to be the last on your list. In fact, if it is the first time that you are planning to undertake the fitness program, rely on materials that have already been simplified for you. Such include fitness books. Since you want fitness of high standard, here are materials to rely on.

Zithromax… Best In Best

In the present days, problems have become the part of our life. Sometimes we have to face problems regarding our family matters and sometimes regarding our health. Health problems have now become so much common in our daily lives. You can find a lot of medicines for the treatment of these diseases. Some problems like flu, nausea and fever are now very common so there are many medicines available in the market for their treatment. Our topic is also somehow related to these common diseases especially those which are caused by the bacterial action. Zithromax is a special type of drug which is used for the treatment of diseases caused by the Bacteria.

Make Antibiotic Ointment Part Of Medical Kit

What is antibiotic ointment? It is a topical ointment, generally in oil base, which is mainly used in the skin. The antibiotic ointment is mainly used to prevent infection of the wound. Antibiotic ointments are mainly used against bruises, burns, puncture wounds, abrasions and animal bites.


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