Make Antibiotic Ointment Part Of Medical Kit

What is antibiotic ointment? It is a topical ointment, generally in oil base, which is mainly used in the skin. The antibiotic ointment is mainly used to prevent infection of the wound. Antibiotic ointments are mainly used against bruises, burns, puncture wounds, abrasions and animal bites.

Antibiotic ointments contain ingredients like neomycin sulfate, polymyxin and bacitracin. Some of the antibiotic ointments come with additional ingredients that give relief to the pain.

Antibiotic ointment should only be used on a clean and dry surface. Before applying antibiotic ointment, the wound should have to be thoroughly cleaned using mild soaps and lukewarm water.

Antibiotic ointment is readily available in all medical shops. They also come cheap and it is always better to have some kind of antibiotic ointment kept at homes for ready use. Antibiotic ointments are part of the first aid kit.

It has advised that antibiotic ointment should not be used for more than a week. If the injury, wound or burns do not get healed within a week after using antibiotic ointment, it is better to consult the doctor.

Some people use antibiotic ointments for certain blemishes. Though the ointment is effective, it should not be used for a very long time and should not be used in the entire face. As antibiotic ointment comes in oil base, it could clog the skin pores and cause other problems.

When talking of animals, the antibiotic ointments used in human beings should not be used in animals unless a Vet doctor has prescribed it.