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Sumycin is the brand name of a medication which caused by the generic name of tetracycline. Basically, Sumycin is a type of tetracycline antibiotic which is used to treat various bacterial infections. It works on the principal of obstructing and stopping down the production and spreading of the nutrients which are needed by the bacteria to flourish.

Hence, by restricting the growth of the bacteria in the affected parts, Sumycin tends to enhance the defense mechanism of the metabolism of our body and hence, protects our body from this kind of bacterial infections.

Apart from the usual bacterial infections, Sumycin also prevents and fights the symptoms of Bronchitis, stomach ulcer, skin diseases, liver and kidney diseases as well as bacterial itches.

When should you not use Sumycin?

Although there are countless benefits from the utilization of tetracycline antibiotics such as Sumycin, yet, it has been seen that there are numerous such cases for the use of this particular Sumycin that does not lead to any beneficial result. Hence, we have to be sure that the symptoms which are cured and treated by the help of Sumycin is present in our body and following are some of the cases in which the use of Sumycin should be restricted and stopped:

  • It is not at all safe to use a tablet of Sumycin if you are suffering from any kind of allergies related to the ingredients of Sumycin or any other kind of tetracycline antibiotics such as doxycycline
  • It is also advised by most of the doctors and physicians that a patient should not consume a medical treatment of Sumycin if he or she is a regular consumer of methoxyflurane and acitretin.

Hence, apart from knowing all the symptoms of diseases where Sumycin should be used, it is even more important that the patient knows exactly when not to use Sumycin or any other such kind of tetracycline antibiotics. It is, therefore, advised by most of the doctors and physicians that if a patient observes any of the above symptoms or behaviors, he should immediately call his medical representative at the earliest.

Be careful about some medications before consuming Sumycin

It has been seen that there are numerous medications which have a violent reaction to the ingredients of tetracycline antibiotics such as Sumycin.Hence, it is advised by most of the physicians and doctors that one should put some special care about the medications which are consumed along with the treatment regimen of Sumycin.

So, if you have any other types of medication which you want to consume along with the treatment procedure of Sumycin, it is very important that you inform this decision to your doctor so that he can prescribe you an antibiotic of the perfect composition.

However, if you face any of the following symptoms within your body during the treatment regimen or before starting the treatment procedure of Sumycin, you should inform your doctor or the physician at the earliest for getting a proper cure:

  • You should avoid the medication of Sumycin or any other such kind of tetracycline antibiotic if you are pregnant or are expecting a baby
  • It is also very important to know that you should restrict the use of Sumycin if you are consuming any kind of prescription as well as nonprescription drugs, including herbal drugs or dietary supplements
  • If you are allergic to the consumption of numerous medications, food items or any other kind of drugs, and
  • If you are suffering from a constant degree of the problem from diarrhea, loose motions, liver diseases, kidney diseases or any other kind of joint pains.

Interaction of other medications with Sumycin

Since Sumycin is a tetracycline antibiotic, there are various chances that it may not go well with numerous other medications. It has been seen that the antibiotics are very violent when it comes to the reactions with other types of medications. Hence, it is specifically suggested by various doctors and physicians that a person should avoid any other kind of medication during the treatment regimen of an antibiotic or if it is very necessary, then he should inform his doctor or physician about the other kinds of medication which he is supposed to consume during the treatment regimen of Sumycin, so that the physician or doctor can adjust the dosage of the antibiotic to suit his bodily needs.

Hence, it is very important that you inform your physician about the following medications if you are planning to start a treatment procedure of Sumycin:

  • You should inform your physician or doctor if you are consuming the treatment procedure of acitretin or isotretinoin. This is because the side effects which might arise from these medications might result in an increased amount of pressure on the watery side of the brain and hence, result in numerous nervous system disorders;
  • You should also talk to your doctor if you are consuming methotrexate or methoxyflurane which are some types of oral anticoagulants which may cause the enhanced amount of side effects when they are combined with the constituents of Sumycin;
  • You should also refrain yourself from using the medications of birth control, oral contraceptives, penicillins, atovaquone, and lithium so that the complete effect of Sumycin cannot get reduced.

Although this may not be the entire set of medications which may create problems when combined with Sumycin, yet, it has been advised that you should talk to your doctor regarding all the medications which you have been consuming for the past couple of weeks or you would be consuming along with the treatment Sumycin.

Apart from this, you should also carry out some blood test or another kind of regular checks before initiating the treatment regimen for this kind of antibiotics.

Complete the course of Sumycin prescribed by the doctor

It is very important that you complete the entire course of the antibiotic medication which has been prescribed to you by your physician or doctor. This is because if you do not complete the total course of the medication, some of the bacteria might remain in your metabolism and get completely immune from the effects of the medication. So, these bacteria might evolve in the near future and can cause severe side effects which might not get cured by the current dosage of Sumycin or any other kind of antibiotics.

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