Flagyl Prescribing Information

Antibiotics are mainly used for treatment of bacterial infection and bacterial vaginosis is also a bacterial infection where vaginal discharge is extremely foul smelling. The broad spectrum antibiotics are used for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis which includes oral form and cream or gel form either way it works on the bacterial infection and cures the vaginosis. This includes complete treatment and no follow up is usually required but as there can be many different element that can be causing the disease, making it nearly impossible to cure it completely. The main focus of treating bacterial vaginosis is to recover the healthy flora of the vagina and to subdue the symptoms.

The main antibiotics used in treatment of bacterial vaginosis is metronidazole, generic name is Flagyl that is available in form of tablet and or as a vaginal gel commonly known as metrogel. Metrogel comes with all the necessary information on how to use the gel. Another drug that works wonder on the bacterial vaginosis is clindamycin cream also known as cleocin.

The oral form of metronidazole has been proven successful in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis but it may cause some side-effects that are not major. But is it is left untreated then it can be very dangerous as it may cause sexually transmitted disease like hiv and some pregnancy complications. Also it has been seen that the women may transfer the hiv to their partner who are suffering with bacterial vaginosis. If you are using the gel version of metronidazole or clinamycin, it is relatively free of side-effects but there may be reoccurrence of yeast infection. The treatment includes a week of oral metronidazole with a dosage of 400mg twice daily or you can use clindamycin 1g at night. It all works out in the end also a new drug has been making rounds in market known as tinidazole. It is easy to use and has fewer side-effects than any other drugs used for bacterial vaginosis.

Even after completing the bacterial vaginosis treatment it has been seen that most women has bacterial vaginosis in that same year. The reoccurrence rate is 30% every year even after taking antibiotics. Recent studies have concluded that even after standard treatment of bacterial vaginosis in USA one third of women usually suffer from bacterial vaginosis again and also has various episodes of BV.

It is very difficult to conclude anything as to why bacterial vaginosis is recurrent. So when bacterial vaginosis occurs again, most of the doctors prescribe some other antibiotics that may work to prevent the bacterial vaginosis. However it is known that typical antibiotic treatment only provide little relief from the symptoms and there are chances that it may reoccur again.

For a healthy mind, a healthy body is very important. To prevent the diseases like bacterial vaginosis you should ensure that you keep your private parts hygienic. Wash your vaginal area with lukewarm water. Also after intercourse wash and dry your vaginal area for a healthy body.