Bacteria Produced Due To Contact Lens

Now world has become very colorful than the previous era. Everyone in this world wants to look as a unique personality and for this purpose they use many of the wearing items of different style. Now a day, lenses have also become very glamorous item for new generation and people want to change their eye’s color with the help of the contact lens. Some others use lenses in replacement of glasses. But in fact there are many side effect is also present with every type of the fashion and in this study it is came to know that some sort of bacteria can be produced while having the contact lens in eye.

Contact Lens Bacteria

Bacterial population changes can be harmful for the eyes and for them people are responsible who wear the contact lens. Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello said that putting some outside material in inner part of eye is very dangerous and may produce infection due to the production of special type of bacteria.

She added that we are trying to find out the main reason of production of the bacteria. It would be possible in future to find the reason through experiments that whether this infection is caused by touching hand with eyes or by having the contact lens which exert pressure on the eye lens. For the research, researcher collected samples from different persons, nine having contact lens in daily life and eleven having not. It was observed that persons having contact lens produced same bacteria inside the eye which found on the eyelid. That type of the bacteria was not available on those eleven persons who hadn’t lens.

Dominguez-Bello said, this research may help the science to investigate about the bacterial action inside the eye due to contact lens and by realizing this problem prevention will be easy.

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