Why Should Antibiotics be avoided in Sinus Infection?

Sinus infections are a quite widespread event for majority of people. The chief cause of this kind of condition can be allergies and sinusitis can happen anytime during the year. When a person suffers from sinus, they instantly think that they need to rush and take antibiotics to get over it. Intake of medicines is not always the ideal thing to do to treat the condition.

Most of the times, the infection is caused due to a virus, which does not show any response to the medicines. Whereas few over the counter medicines may make it little trouble-free to manage the symptoms, it's just that some more time is required to clear up. But if the cause of the infection is bacteria, then the antibiotic medicine is necessary.

Majority of the time, the causal organism is a virus and the intake of prescription drugs will only reduce the symptoms. When sinus infection occurs, the passages present in the nasal cavity suffer irritation and also swells up. There might be some other thing which is responsible for the swelling and irritation. If the cause is something else, then during the intake of the prescription drug, the person does not recognize that there is some other thing wrong and has never looked at it, which may worsen it.

Several people will experience the infection many times during the year. Hypersensitive reactions may cause the infection to occur each time the increase in the count. But if a person finds that the frequency is very high or the duration of the infection is long, then it is suggested to visit their health care professional. The problem may be caused due to many things like if there is a sore tooth.

Another worse condition about the intake of the medicines is that they make people recover and feel better fast. Once they start feeling better, they stop the intake of the medicine. Thus the real issue has not been treated properly. Recurrence of the infection soon happens afterwards and generally will be the beginning of something else.

While the medicine desiccates the runny nose, and reduces the pressure, it can interrupt the natural flow of fluids. The mucus running from the nose stops and the nasal passage becomes dry. This does not help in the clearing of the passages. Instead, when they start to getting moist again, they provide an ideal breeding environment for fungus and bacteria. This will worsen the condition.

Several doctors will check to ensure the type of infection responsible for the problem. Although antibiotics for sinusitis will help in the bacterial infections, it does not help in treating the infections caused by viruses. If no relief is observed after the intake of over-the-counter medicines, it is time to visit the nearby health practitioner. There could be something more going on than simply clogged sinuses. There are natural remedies available in abundance for the treatment of sinusitis symptoms. But be careful to detect the correct infection.