Symptoms Checker Does Not Identify Correctly

This research is based on the problems which are diagnosed through some symptoms and suggestion of the medicines. Many of the patients go online or ask from application by telling them the symptoms and that application suggest them some sort of the treatment. It is noted that these attempts become incorrect half of the time. A survey determined that about one third of these online websites correctly identified and diagnosed the patient problem. Half of them given correct identification in their top three suggestion and moreover 58 percent given top three suggestion for this purpose. Dr. Ateev Mehrotra said patient should be well aware about these tools and caution while using it. He added that these tools are not the replacement of the doctor and patient should go to the doctor for the correct identification of the problem. These tool works just for suggestion about the possible problem.

A doctor put some symptoms of the 45 patient for the medical students training. Mayo clinic diagnosed the patient problem through those symptoms that was 17 percent and it was listed as 20 numbers among the 76 percent of the cases. He said we are trying to improve these tools and whenever correct diagnose is identified then it is the thing that we want to do. Jason Maude, who is giving services from well known tool call Isabel, said that his attempt is not to put doctor against these tools but these are just a helping material. Detection accuracy rate of these tools are from 85 to 90 percent.

Mehrotra said, in the last year about 100 millions of the patient check themselves through online tools and it gave a jerk to some Doctors. Some of the physician think that most of the patient go to the internet for some suggestion about the problem and I got surprised to know that some of the my friend also existed there, he said.