Health and Fitness Stories

In matters of health and fitness, the number one silent killer is inactivity. The body of any person has to be subjected to physical situations all the time. Good healthy living therefore begins with doing your daily chores in a manual way rather than the simplified way. Entertain yourself physically and not sit in front of the television with a remote control, walk to school or work instead of taking public transport. Sedentary behaviors are very fatal for one’s health. Such behaviors are those of sitting or lying around for long. These pose the risk of getting chronic diseases which account for many deaths in this rapidly changing world. Some of the chronic diseases are like stroke, heart diseases and diabetes. Other complications resulting from the sedentary lifestyle are obesity and weight gain.

Fitness Stories

One is advised to raise their activity level and get rid of sedentary lifestyle. One should avoid at all costs sitting at the front of the computers and television or sitting in vehicles for short distances. There are various health and fitness facts that have always inspired one to undertake regular exercise and get out of the comfort zone. Most of us know the health risks of no exercise in our lives but we overlook work outs due to our lazy nature. This makes us live a guilty life always. Avoid this by getting started with simple work outs that will enable us stay fit. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet and avoid the inevitable junky food and snacks.

Work out are very important to all in many ways, one being increasing the energy level and consequently increase a brain compound known as serotonin that is in charge of increasing the intellectual clarity by making a person sharper either in their work or at school. This means that those who undertake regular work outs are more productive than those who don’t. Being productive means that there is less time wastage and also minimum sick offs. Throughout your daily routines, you stumble upon adverts such as ‘would you like such a body? Here is health and fitness the short cut.’ In essence, there are no short cuts but they will guide you through some exercising program which to you will seem to be friendlier. The fact still remains; you are exercising, unless they recommend the use of pills which is sometimes inappropriate.

Stress can crop up from the thoughts of work outs but when you kick start with a positive attitude, the stress will wear off easily. Relaxation response is induced during exercising. This will in turn initiate a positive form of distraction that is responsible for elevation of moods and also keep depression adrift. This way, one is less infuriated and puts on a happy life that makes them easier to associate with, whether it is family members or work mates. This will be a form of mutual benefit when one’s relationship with others is more improved. Exercising is important in health and fitness as it releases bursts of endorphins to the bloodstream and make you feel more energized. It is therefore wise for health and fitness to be your utmost priority in all that you do.

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