Microbes, Reduces Weight

It can be that among many of the microbes present in the guts any of the microbes will be responsible to change the body process and loss of the weight, study found. Akkermansia muciniphila microbe found 3 to 5 percent inside the guts and fiber diet has a connection with its strain. It has also association with less amount o insulin, blood sugar and fats which is responsible to reduce the heart problem, obesity and diabetes. Akkermansia muciniphila is also helpful for healthy body to maintain its fats, researcher said. Dr. Karine Clement said, this is a potential target for the new type of therapies in the field of metabolic diseases. But it is necessary to identify the molecule produce by this bacterium and about its improvement, she added.

Clement explained that this bacteria produces different kind of the substances which is beneficial as energy input for the other bacteria. There is also a possibility that this bacterial proved as beneficial for the other bacteria as it is for its own. For this investigation researcher team took a group of people in which women were more with amount of 41. In this study 49 obese people were subjected and indentified the different kind of bacteria present in their guts. Researcher also included the other factors which influence on obesity like blood fats and blood sugar etc. at the initial stage it was observed that people who had high amount of Akkermansia muciniphila having less amount of blood fats, blood sugar and insulin level as compare to those who had less Akkermansia muciniphila . And A.muciniphila with other supportive bacteria also contribute for decrease the level of blood sugar, fats and insulin.

Heller said, moreover exercise in also too much effective for reduction of the weight, researcher is very new in the research of weight management, she added. He continued, obesity is also a latest rising issue and not before 50 or 100 years ago. By eating junk and fast food, highly processed food, habit of sedentary and consuming a high amount of calories may cause the obesity and just only one microbe is not enough for healthy life style, he concluded.