Garlic a Natural Antibiotic?

Garlic not only does taste good it is also a potent healer. It has been used for healing purposes for decades. Garlic has 80 sulphur compounds. Also organic sulphur is known for its healing properties and fighting infections. Garlic also has one powerful sulphuric component known as allicin which is secreted when garlic is crushed. Allicin a natural component is a great healer and you can forgo pharmaceutical drugs for any health problems and instead use garlic. It kills almost anything that can be killed by penicillin tablet. It kills bacteria, fungus, parasite and protozoa or microbes. What else does one need when it works exactly like a antibiotic except it is all natural without any side-effects which is probably near impossible in company distributed drugs. It has proven itself time and again as our ancestors used it for killing infections and now our laboratories have tried it and got excellent results. Also it doesn't affect the good flora present in the gut which is very necessary for immunity of a person and health whereas medical prescribed drugs don't differentiate between good or bad flora and easily destroys everything.

A certain report concluded that Russian soldiers used garlic as their antibiotic on the battle wound and infected wounds. So when the wounds healed it proved that garlic works wonders as a healer. It killed fungal, bacterial and viral infections without any side-effects. Garlic is a great natural compound that should be used for killing infections if you want a side-effect free treatment.

Garlic is a common name of the scientific name allium sativum which belongs to the family of lily. Mostly used as a culinary component because of its aromatic properties but its medical history is as aromatic as its fragrance. It works amazingly when tested on some infections and even on strengthening and energy purposes. It has multiple uses either for its use in culinary department or in medicinal department it has grown exponentially. Garlic also kills parasites, intestinal worms and bacteria. Intestinal worms live in the gut for many years and can sap all the energy from you. It also makes you weak if not treated. There are so many ways by which the worms make their way into the gut for ex. Water, pets, meat and contaminated food. They can enter the body by these ways and then stay there until it is not treated properly. It is said that no medication can treat you completely but garlic can heal you completely even if you have fungal infection. It will kill off the Candida infection from the fungal family. Candida thrives on sugar and carbohydrates and when a person takes sugar and carbohydrates it usually makes way for Candida infection to grow in your gut. Even when you do a colon cleanse you have to use garlic for healing. Garlic is also used for increasing good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol and for reducing risk of stomach and colon cancers and for safely removing warts.