Antibiotics in Vegetables

If a person is allergic to certain antibiotics, he must be careful while eating vegetables. There is a great connection between antibiotics and vegetables. Recent studies have given some of the most astonishing results. According to a recent study, there are many vegetables that absorb antibiotic chemicals. They absorb the chemicals from the soil in which they grow. The link that supports this theory is animal manure.

Antibiotics in Vegetables

The food chain is quite vast and this can be tagged as an ultimate irony. It is natural for a man to optimize the plant as well as the animal food industry and he is getting punished for this attempt. In the food chain, man is very superior to animals as well as plants but, the ultimate irony is that man is not getting kicked by the plants and the animals in the food chain.

Here, we are throwing some light on this matter. Animals that are raised for human consumption are generally given antibiotics. The use of antibiotics in animals makes them quite larger as well as stronger. This makes the animals quite marketable. This is specified in the report presented by the Journal of Environmental Quality on antibiotic infused crop. In raising the animals, the manure of these animals is also collected and then it is used in raising crops. It is used in soil to produce healthy crops. This manure is to be blamed for the transfer of antibiotics. To simplify this, by feeding animals the antibiotics to make them ooze capital in the market, we are actually inducing a danger in the human consumption.

The slow food movements have given some devastated reactions. This makes it quite important to know where the food that we eat comes from? If a person is allergic to certain antibiotics, it is very dangerous for a person to consume potatoes that contain antibiotics. The problem arises when it gets difficult for the people to know if the vegetable contains antibiotics or not? The Americans have a way of selling vegetables in such a way making it hard for any person to figure out if the vegetable is affected by antibiotics or not. It gets difficult for a person to judge which crop carries the problem. The very well known fact is that animal manure is now getting extensively used as soil across the globe.

There are several studies that are adamant at going in depth of the subject. A long list of food that contains animal antibiotics has been released. The foods that carry animal antibiotics include corn, potatoes as well as lettuce. The vegetable that carries the maximum amount of antibiotics is potatoes. The reason behind the high content of antibiotic in potato is due to the fact that it grows closest to the soil. The potential dangerous effects of the incorporation of antibiotics in vegetables are not completely analyzed. Meanwhile, it is advised that a person who is allergic to any antibiotic must be very careful while eating any vegetable.

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