Severe Baby Acne

Health and fitness of babies is a global concern in effort to preserve future generation. Bad skin condition is not a new case either. Pediatricians explain that acne in babies is a normal condition up to a certain level. What guides this statement is the fact that the body of the body responds negatively to maternal hormones that it was exposed to during gestation. However, there have been cases where gravity of this problem has gone too far to an extent of raising concern. It is at this stage that we explain this skin condition as severe.

Spots can form on any part of the toddler’s skin. These manifest as pustules that are small in size, red inflammations and bumps having either red or white coloration. How pronounced this is puts little one in discomfort especially when areas affected come into contact with milk or saliva. What happens is that when the kid is being breast fed some of hormones from the mother are passed into the body of the tot. In response to presence of foreign compound in the body, immune system of the baby fights back and zits are formed. Many mothers turn into home remedies to counteract this effect but there has been cases that either of methods used bear no fruit.

Putting the toddler under cream aggravates this condition leading to increased density of cysts. This makes acne chip into tough stages putting the new born into danger which is definitely not what you want. It is therefore important to maintain hygiene in order to protect your beautiful child from dirt. This is because it is the combination of dirt, dead skin cells and sebum that forms a perfect niche to harbor acne-causing bacteria.

For many, rushing into use of benzoyl peroxide is the norm but this is only for severe cases. In addition, when this bad skin condition goes beyond your control, continuous use of over-the-counter medicines should be put to an end and medical intervention should be asked for. It is important to note that immune system of the baby is still weak and over exposure to these medications may make its skin develop scars.

In rare cases, acne in babies has resulted into complicated medical operations that are aimed at putting t under control. This has been achieved through surgery. However, pediatricians strongly suggest that this is the last option to go for since the immune system of the toddler is definitely not strong enough to withstand these kinds of operations.

Application of laser technology has also been utilized in most severe of cases. Here, laser beam is directed to the area that has been affected. The strength of this beam kills bacteria and skin is given time to rejuvenate.

Summing up, it is the onus of the lactating mother to ensure that proper practices of hygiene are put into place to ensure that the baby remains in the best of healthy states and has fitness to withstand infestations that are associated with infants.