How Does Antibiotic Resistance Occur?

Many people have reported that they have experienced resistance towards antibiotics. The main reason behind this is the misuse or overuse of these types of medication in a regular basis. Resistance occurs because certain microorganisms learn to grow defences against these antibiotic drugs. It only develops in people who have been using antibiotics earlier.

A very natural process called mutation is the culprit in antibiotic resistance. Certain factors must be known regarding the ability of a person to develop resistance. Many people suffering from various ailments are having a major trouble because of this condition. The type of bacterial resistance is directly related to the antibiotic drug.


There are many other factors that are responsible for the formation of the antibiotic resistance. People who suffer from particular diseases will not gain anything by using antibiotics because of the high rate evolution of microorganisms. Hence, that brings medical science to research on better and stronger antibiotic medication.

What are the main reasons leading to antibiotic resistance among people?

Mutation is the first and most important cause that leads to antibiotic resistance. Microbes reproduce at a very fast rate, in about a few hours. This rapid process of reproduction leads to a better adaptability with the new host environment. Before these changes occur, mutation might occur. A microbe survives an antibiotic attack in this condition. And when this happens.., the cells multiply and contain the same resistant DNA which forms an army that is prepared for the next treatment battle.

Another very common reason the makes resistance to antibiotics possible is the way in which the person is using it. If an individual misuses the drug, the microorganisms that needs to be gotten rid off will form a resistance to it. Hence, this will not help in the treatment process. When the health care provider or the doctor does not provide adequate and clear information to the patient regarding the time and dosage of the drug, confusions may arise leading to a wrong treatment. As many patients lack the proper information, they open a door towards resistance which can be a problem in the near future.

How can antibiotic resistance be prevented?

There is no such written procedure to preventing antibiotic resistance. There are no vaccinations available as well for a situation where microbes have adapted to an earlier threatening situation. Hence, the individual must visit his/her health care professional or doctor and discuss about it in a very detailed way. The person must know how the medicines are helping the body. There can possibly be interactions with any existing drug that the individual may have been using. This may lead to serious health related issues. Hence, having a proper discussion about it will add to the process of prevention. This will also help the individual to know the proper amount to doses that needs to be taken accurately and at the right time. If these factors are kept in mind, it will help the person only attain the positives that antibiotics have to offer.

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