Physical Therapy Works As An Antibiotic

Most people usually refrain from physical therapy until their doctor forcefully suggest it and even after starting the physical therapy most people tend to stop doing it after sometime thinking they are fit now. Most chiropractor and practitioner experience the same thing. It should not be up to them to decide if they can stop physical therapy or not. It usually depends on several reasons pain being one of them. Most people need physical therapy due to road accidents, after rotator cuff repair and ACL repair. When you first decided to start physical therapy your practitioner must have asked various questions about everything and nothing in general. Well it is necessary to know some of these questions and some of them are mainly asked to ease the patient into talking.

Physical therapy is considered just like an antibiotic you ask why? Well to answer that I will first give you example. Do you remember going to your doctor whenever you are not feeling well or you have an infection? The doctor will prescribe you a course of antibiotic that you have to take daily until you get better but most people stop before the course is complete saying that they feel better but in reality if you don't complete your course the disease will again rear its ugly head because the infection that was supposed to be eliminated was not completely wiped because you did not complete the course of your drugs. The same thing happens in physical therapy also.

When your therapist does your appraisal he may find lots of issues with the muscle and tissue and just one of those issues will be pain. You may also have problems with range of motion, tolerance, vigor, and function. At the termination of your course of physical therapy, most probably all of those problems will have be tackled. If you stop going to your appointments just because your pain is gone it is likely other problems may have not been resolved. It means that in a week or few months your pain will return because you did not complete your therapy. The advantage of having your own therapist is he knows not only how to reduce your pain and to treat all you're other problems. If you carry out the whole therapy until all your problems are fixed, not just the problem with the pain, it is much more inclined that your therapy will be fruitful for the long term. If your physical therapist completes your course of physical therapy then you will be shown and trained to tackle your issues if you have any such case in future. So when in apprehension, talk to your therapist and if you still have problems with vigor, motion, energy and stability continue your treatment until those are fixed and you will be much more flourishing.

After completion of your therapy your therapist will give you a list of exercises that you have to perform at home for some time.