It’s Hard To Know If a Person Has Pneumonic Plague Or Not

Doctors need to keep an eye on those cases which are concerned with plague, according to a report published from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In summer 2014, almost four people died of pneumonic plague in the U.S. Pneumonic plague is a rare disease caused by the same bacteria as bubonic plague. In this health problem, bacteria destroy the respiratory system so it should be dealt earlier when diagnosed.

Its first outbreak started from a 28 year old man, who first got fever and then began to vomit blood along with cough. Doctors did work on him and found on that he is suffering from pneumonia and for this a bacteria named Pseudomonas luteola was responsible. However, some doctors did not agree with this result and questioned them because they had idea that Yersinia pestis which causes plague sometimes also mistaken as P. luteola in tests.

After that, the second testing after one week proved that he is suffering from pneumonic plague. Doctors hospitalized him for more than 23 days and gave him different antibiotics after that he recovered.

It is being suspected that the person got the pneumonic plague from a dog because symptoms were indicating drooling, jaw rigidity and fever. After that, doctors did test on doctor’s remains and found out that plague bacteria was positive in dog.